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Blockly.Ru is an educational project for tomorrow's programmers. This site contains a series of tasks which help to learn the programming basics. These tasks can be used in educational institutions as well as for self-education. They are designed for those people who don't have any experience in programming. After finishing all tasks, students will be better prepared for the studying text programming languages. We use Blockly programming language for educational purposes.

Blockly is a visual programming language developed in 2012 by Google, Inc. Developers: Neil Fraser, with the participation of Ellen Spertus and Mark Friedman. Neil Fraser named the language Blockly like a visual programming editor.

After this Scratch-like language appeared, it has immediately become very popular in education. Blockly is being used for teaching students the programming basics. Blockly is popular because of its advantages over the Scratch and other similar languages: Blockly is an open-source, has simple and clear web-based interface, adapted for running on tablets, it is possible to cross-compile Blockly code into other languages. Blockly's popularity has begun in the Western countries, where a lot of online learning projects for students are being implemented. In Russia a lot of attention has recently been paid to this undeniably promising language. For example, all-Russian action "Hour of the Code" was held in schools in December 2014 and was huge success. In addition to this, unlike Scratch, Blockly is perfectly integrated into the Russian educational system. So we hope that this language will be in demand in the Russian education. Perhaps, Blockly will replace the school programming system "Kumir" over time.

You can find out more about Blockly by visiting the "Blockly Information" section of the site. In this section you can find the complete compendium on Blockly materials in Russian: articles, interviews, information from the developers, etc. Also we advise reading the interesting article "Graphical programming environment Blockly" by Ph.D. Semionenkov M.N., the translator of Blockly kernel into Russian, the main Blockly popularizer in Russia.

Programming environment
This application is a basis in Google Blockly system. It allows to create programs of any complexity by using Blockly or compiling them into JavaScript, PHP, Dart or Python. This application can be successfully used to teach students the programming basics.

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Blockly is an open-source project, please visit the developer's website for more information or to download archive files for offline use. Please send us your feedback.