About applications

In the "Applications" section you can find applications based on Blockly - visual programming editor. These applications were designed for novice programmers and we hope they will become professional programmers over time.

Plotting of mathematical functions using Blockly.

This is the number of seats calculator. It includes mathematical tasks with one or two variables based on Blockly.

Panda fascinatingly introduces novice programmers to loops and conditional statements, taking advantage of the Blockly visual editor. The first tasks are simple, but each new level is more complicated than the previous one.

Solving the puzzle "Countries", based on Blockly.

Solving the puzzle "Fauna", based on Blockly.

This is the most difficult task on the website. A new and difficult maze is being generated every time, so it is necessary to have exceptional programming abilities to go through the maze.

Turtle will introduce beginners to the graphics capabilities of the programming language.

Blockly is an open-source software. To get more information, and to share their thoughts, ideas, code, please email us.